Fotos y descripción de la Gala de STH

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Fotos y descripción de la Gala de STH

Mensaje  HonestlyOK el Lun Oct 20, 2008 2:56 pm

"Entonces, como prometimos, acá están algunas fotos del evento de ayer (mejor tarde que nunca). Lamentablemente no pudimos sacar fotos de la presentación de Dido (no permitían llevar teléfonos celulares ahí), pero esperamos que podamos subir algunas del fotógrafo oficial pronto."
Esto publicaron hoy en Y acá están las fotos que tanto prometieron. También pueden leer (en inglés) al final de las fotos, el itinerario de lo que pasó ayer que fue actualizado minutos a minuto por la gente de la web desde el sector de los baños ya que no tenían señal en ninguna otra parte jaja

Conduciendo por el camino...

La vieja casa...

Un fuego rugiente...

La sala de la escucha del disco...

Algunos de los fans, esperando luego del álbum y antes del acústico...

La salida (¿Ves lo que hicieron ahí?)

12.47pm: We're just about to set off for the Safe Trip Home playback which Dido is hosting at a secret UK location this afternoon. The live updates will (fingers crossed) appear here.

3.40pm: We're here and if we stand in one place near the disabled toilet, we can get connection. Happy days. Sorry we've started a bit later than expected .

3.57pm: Right, so we'll give you a bit of a description of the secret location. It's in the countryside, at an amazing old house full of battered leather sofas and roaring fires. It looks like the sort of place they have very posh wedding receptions/parties. We've just been for a wander of the grounds with Dido, who's as blown away by the surroundings as we are. It really is very beautiful here. Apparently the prize winners coming to the playback are arriving on a coach from London any minute.

4.14pm: if this works (we're doing all this from our phone) then hopefully you'll be able to see a picture of the room where people will get to listen to the album. Comfy.

4.24pm: Hmm, not sure that picture worked. We'll try again. The fans have arrived now. They all look quite excited.

4.37pm: Well everyone is settled in and the playback has begun. We can't update the site from in there because a) there's no signal and b) phones aren't allowed in there, so we're back at the disabled toilet. Everyone has been given a nice little booklet with all the lyrics so that they can follow them while hearing the songs. Nice touch.

4.52pm: We can hear It Comes And It Goes wafting over from the part of the house where the playback is. We looked thru the window and everyone looks like they're listening intently. But then you'd hope so when they've come so far - there are people in there from Brazil, Poland, Italy and lots of other places. We're still working on the pictures thing. Fingers crossed we'll get there.

5.07pm: We just spoke to Dido's PA who tells us she slept in this lovely house last night - in a room in which Henry VIII apparently once stayed. This place clearly has some history. Three songs left of the album playback. Sounds great on the big PA.

5.18pm: The final track is now on - it's called Northern Skies and we can exclusively reveal that those are also the last two words of the album (the line is "under the wide northern skies").

5.25pm: So the album finished to a big round of applause from the fans - and they've just announced that Dido is going to be playing a surprise live set in about half an hour's time! Apparently she only decided a couple of days ago. Needless to say, people looked pretty pleased by the news.

5.48pm: All the fans are outside having a drink and some nibbles before Dido's show. It's very cold out there. Very cold indeed. The people in T-shirts clearly haven't been to Britain in October much before. One of Dido's management team just told us that Marilyn Monroe once stayed in this house too. Hope she brought a thick sweater with her.

5.57pm: We've snuck into the gig with our phone. Don't Believe I Love just finished. Dido's voice sounds amazing. Really. And now she's playing the glockenspiel on Let's Do The Things We Normally Do. It's just Dido and Joel the guitar player up there.

6.04pm: It's Quiet Times now, perhaps the most gorgeous song on the new album. Even without the drums and strings which drive the album version it sounds absolutely lovely. And from that it's into Thank You...

6.13pm: Dido is very chatty and relaxed between songs. Her good mood can only have been helped by the fact that she beat us at pooh sticks when we had a wander around the grounds earlier. Life For Rent now, with Dido and Joel both strumming acoustics. Nice.

6.28pm: We're not sure you're actually getting these updates as we're a long way from our disabled toilet signal hot spot. But hopefully they're getting thru. Dido is currently playing the recorder part at the end of Grafton Street which sounds even more haunting when it's stripped back to an acoustic arrangement.
That was the last song of the set, but after a brief break she's just walked back on for an encore of Look No Further. Hurrah!

6.42pm: A terrific White Flag and we're done. That was great. We're back by the disabled toilet, so you should definitely be able to read these now. People are starting to ask us why we've been standing by the disabled toilets for several hours. They don't really look like they believe us when we try to explain. Sigh.

6.50pm: All the fans are now going to get their picture taken with Dido. They'll also get their lyric booklets signed. Another nice touch.

7.15pm: The final few fans are now having their pictures taken with Dido. We've just been chatting to a nice chap from Poland who thought the album sounded great. Apparently Dido is very popular in Poland. He also told us that the architecture in Krakow is lovely and it's definitely worth visiting. Good to know.

7.24pm: We've just been having a look at your comments beneath our updates. Thanks for joining in. It's nice to know our time spent outside the disabled toilet has been worthwhile. News just in - Dido is having a glass of wine while she does the pictures/signings. We won't be too far behind her.

7.34pm: Turns out there are still quite a few more people left - they've been queueing outside. They look less than warm. But everyone seems very cheery.

7.40pm: And that's it. All the pictures have been taken, all the booklets have been signed and all the fans are climbing onto the coaches for their journey back to London .It's been a great day - with the surprise show definitely the highlight. Our time has now come to leave our position by the disable toilet. Thanks for reading this - hope it's given you a bit of feel for what's been going on here. Sorry about the pictures (or lack thereof) - we'll post some up as soon as we can. G'night!

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